What's inside your backpack?

Top 5 items in your backpack you should have for survival


  • used for cutting sticks to start a fire
  • you'd be able to kill little animals if they're near


These matches could be used for

  • creating a fire
  • cooking
Also, you'd want to keep them in a dry place so they don't get ruined!

First Aid Kit

  • if you have a wound you could put a bandage over it to help heel
  • you'd want to keep a variety of items in your first-aid kit
  • have pain reliever, tweezers, gauze, band-aids, eyewash, anti-bacterial ointments, cream for rashes and also a manual to show how to care for things


It's always a good thing to have food!

  • have food with you so you don't starve
  • you're still able to eat if you can't find food where you're stranded
  • if worse comes to worse and you have no food left, catch fish or crabs to eat


  • this mirror can be any size
  • have a mirror to signal planes or helicopters, can be used as a signal when sunlight hits it or even used with a bright moon shine