The Nile River

By Kayla Hammond

Planning on taking a trip to the Nile?! Well here are some places you should visit along the way!

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is located in Egypt. It was formed in 1970. When I see this location is makes me think of sand castles. Even though it isn't a beach it tends to remind me of the sandy shores and cool water. It is surrounded by land covered in sand, which I think makes an excellent sight to see! The Aswan High Dam also generates lots of electricity. It uses turbines to create hydroelectric power for surrounding cities.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the source of the white Nile. It is a large shallow lake in Uganda. Lake Victoria was discovered in the 1850's. It is a large open space that many people like to visit. You can swim in this water too. Lots of people like to visit the lake and go boating or canoeing when on their trip. Others just like to watch the sunrise slowly and see the beautiful purples, and oranges appear over the lake.

As Sudd

The As Sudd is a huge swap along the Nile. The As Sudd is clogged with lots of vegetation. The land spreads out into many different channels placed in the water. This feature looks like mini islands placed along a body of water. I think of it as a bunch of different islands. These small little spots of vegetation everywhere are what makes this area on the Nile a great place to visit.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt is a great place to visit on your trip. It is surrounded by two larger bodies of land that contain cities. The river have a large bridge over it connecting two large land masses. These two places along the river have many nice lights that appear in the night time. I like to think of it as almost a mini New York. You can also stay in the cities next to the river. If you do choose to visit Cairo, Egypt I'm sure you will see many things.

"Egypt is the gift of the Nile" - Herodotus