Such an injustice to exist

I whip around to see a sandy haired man with graying hairs sprinkled throughout his neatly combed locks. He is a tall and menacing figure, but has one distinct dimple in his left cheek that lightens his features. He has a familiarity about him that I cannot shake. Actually, we have several of the winning fighters who won their freedom present in this very camp. They came here as volunteers because they want to redeem themselves for the acts they have committed.

They desire, just as much as we do, to see the entire system collapse on its face. The man turns around at the front of the room and powerfully stares at all of us before he addresses us payday loans again. I am General Ridian, but outside of this camp, I am simply known as Adalai Ridian. I am the Elitist who owns this camp. I am the one who bought you.

Nayze raises his hand. The General instructs, You can speak freely, son. I am sorry sir, but I am just having a hard time understanding why an Elitist with the benefit of wealth and power would payday loans sacrifice all of that to build an army to take down the whole system. What’s in it for you? Quite simple, son. Redemption.

Just as the winners of the Melee who earned their freedom, I must also atone for my sins by destroying Grodar. I met a woman who captured my heart. She showed me the light, the way. She led me away from my unrighteous path. She took away my numbness to the pain and death I was causing to others.

At first, I was disgusted with myself for letting such misery and murder to exist at my hands. I was payday loans terribly upset. But she never let go. She showed me payday loans a way to redeem myself. Not only to end this program, but to eliminate all of Grodar.

To eliminate Cromus and his rule which have forced so much misery upon the citizens of this country, and especially on the Tokens. Cromus will get what is coming to him, but we will need your help in this quest. Rogan asks, What is it exactly you are asking of us? We purchased all of you because of your potential. You are to become warriors and leaders for the Rebellion. As we said, you are free to leave if you so choose, but if you choose to commit to the Rebellion, you are in it until the end, win or lose.

I look over to Nayze and without speaking, payday loans we know we are both now in this fight.

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