The Duck and the Darklings

Stephen Michael King

About The Author

Stephen Michael King is the author of 'The Duck And The Darklings' and 'Emily Loves To Bounce' and many more books. I have a book by Stephan Michael King called 'The Pocket Dogs'. He mostly writes children's books. His illustrations are sketches of many things such as: animals, people, monsters and aliens. He uses short sentences but they are detailed.

The Duck And The Darklings

'The Duck and the Darklings' is about a boy called Peterboy and his Grandpapa. They both live underground. At dusk Peterboy goes outside to collect sticks and other things. One night on one of his adventures above ground, he is looking for something to change his life and he does. He finds a duck. Peterboy brings home the duck and shows it to Grandpapa. Their lives change so much as they accept the duck into their lives but then then realise that he has his own life too. The book ends with a beautiful farewell.

Emliy Loves To Bounce

This is a fun book for children to read. The pictures of Emily are full of colour and movement. Emily, the main character bounces high and bounces low. She bounces with her Grandma and her dinosaur. Sometimes she imagines she is a blue spotted dog. When you read this book, you want to start bouncing too.