The Christmas carol

In town near you

Why you should see the play

You should watch the play because it makes the book come to life.besides it is fou to go and get out with your friends or your family. Also the play won't be boring some parts are ofun some are scary and some are hilarious so it keeps you well entertained. During the play it's awesome to see how hare people work to do this play for people like you. To sum up watching the play is a great experience for you to do with your friends or your family.


Sacrifice is good!

Sacrifice is something that you give up and help people. Scrooch had a big decision and he did end up sacrificing some money in the Christmas carol. He did it to help the poor and he made that decision Came right from the heart. Everyone should have to sacrifice something in there life time you won't like it at first but it in the long run it'll be worth it.
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