Stem cells: The future of Society

By: Tarik Alkaisi

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What are stem cells?

Stem Cells are a class of undifferentiated cells that are able to become specialized cell types. Stem Cells can help humans by fixing dysfunctions in ones body. Their are two different types of stem cells, Embryotic and adult stem cells. Stem cells are differentiated from regular cells by two characteristics. They are unspecialized and reincarnate by cell division. Secondly they can become tissue or organs that can have specialized functions in the body. Stem cells are potentially the future as they would limit the effort we would need to solve biological problems. Research on stem cells are advancing astronomically as the months will go by.
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Where do stem cells come from?

The potential future of humanity in the biological field are stem cells. Stem cells come from two main sources. Embryotic stem cells come from embryos that have formed during embryological development. These embryotic stem cell are retrieved from a four to five day human embryo. The embryos are commonly the extras formed.

Stem cells also come from a different source. These specific stem cells are called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells naturally are from adult tissue. Some places where you can pinpoint adult stem cells are in the brain, bone marrow, blood, blood vesicles , skeletal muscles, the skin, and also the liver. Scientists believed that Adult stem cells were less useful because of their limitations with differentiation. However, evidence declares that Adult stem cells in fact can differentiate into other types of cells.

potential stem cell therapies

When it comes to stem cell therapies, their is a vast majority of topics that the stem cells have a solution for. Therapies are being uncovered and researched on as we speak. Just the other day a researcher by the name of Sayan Basu has discovered a monumental feat that could potentially benefit society. His mission is to take Stem cells and use them towards reviving patients with badly damaged corneas. Isn't that great! This is just one of the potential benefits of stem cell therapies. Who knows what other achievements researchers will stumble upon in the future.

Why stem cells are beneficial to society

Stem Cell research should be loved by everyone. It has come to my attention that their are those who disapprove to stem cells. To put it mildly those specific people don't want change in health department and society. Researchers should announce this great effort to arouse the american people. Think about if you were diagnosed with an incurable treatment such as having your corneas being ruined. Nobody wants to go through that,so the obvious choice is that stem cells would aid everyone. Wouldn't it be great knowing whatever deficiency you have can be easily curable by stem cells!