Water Usage

Linda Martens

The Water Usage Amount The Home

On Average Showers Use 21%, Faucets Use 12%, Baths take 9%, Toilet Leaks Use 5%, Dishwashers Use 3%, A Toilet Flush Use 28%, Washing Machines Use 22%.

Percentage of Water

About 400 gallons of water is used a day, and about 70% of that water is used indoors. The bathroom is where most of the water is used. The toilet alone uses about 28% of the water used indoors, and a faucet runs at 2 gallons per minute.


A dripping faucet that leaks one drop of water per second adds up to waste about four gallons of water a day. A leaky toilet uses about 5% of the water.

Water Amount

A full bath uses about 80 liters when a 5 minute power shower uses about 75 liters. A 5 minute normal shower uses about 45 liters, and that saves around 35 liters of water from a full bath. When washing dishes with a bowl instead of a running tap you can save around 5 liters of water. Letting the tap run while waiting for cold water wastes around 4 liters each time. When washing a car with a hosepipe wastes a lot of water, most of the water falls on the ground.