Science plants

Parts of a plant,Photosynthesis,life cycle and definitions

vocabulary and Life cycle

Flowers smell good and some suck in smoke and give out air.Stem gives water to the plant.Leaves catch light for the plants food.Roots suck water from the ground to give to the stem.Photosynthesis air and water to make food and sugar.Transport carries water from the root to the rest of the plant.

Plant a seed roots will grow.Then the stem will grow.Then the fruit if it has fruit.Then the flower will grow.

Reproduction is plants producing one or more similar to itself.

Tell jobs of plants and tell what photosynthesis is.

Leaf catch sunlight for the plants food.Stem transport water to other parts of the plant.Flower helps the air and collects the rain and gives it to other parts of plants.Root suck water from the soil if it rains and sends it to the root.

Photosynthesis air and water break down to make food and sugar.