There's No Excuse for Abuse

The Family Place

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In your community...

  • 38% of Texas women have experienced partner violence in their lifetime.
  • 70% of children of abused women are also physically abused.
  • 20% are also sexually abused.
  • Majority of abusive men were either abused, or witnessed their own mothers abuse.
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Since 1978, The Family Place has...

  • Counseled over 225,000 clients
  • Providing lifesaving shelter to more than 21,000 people
  • Helped more than 20,000 batterers learn how to change there abusive behavior
  • Answered more than 550,000 calls for help
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24-hour Crisis Hotline; 214-941-1991

Visit to see how you can help.
The Family Place was founded in 1978 when there was too much abuse seen in families and a lack of resources to help the victims of the abuse.