Wellness In Australia

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Australia's Physical Wellness- Diet

Australia has a Dietitians Association DAA is the peak body of dietetics and nutrition professionals in Australia, they represent over 5,000 members. The DAA is the leader in nutrition for better food, better health and well-being for all of Australia.

What Aussie's Do For Activities to Keep Their Bodies In Shape

This country has a large number of sports varying from cricket, rugby union, rugby league, basketball, hockey, netball, soccer, softball, water polo and wheelchair rugby.
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Australia's Medical/Health Care

Aussies spend a relatively larger amount of money out of pocket on health care, but almost half of what the US spends overall. Australia compares favorably with other nations in quality of care, and much better than the US.

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Health Level in Australia

Health outcomes differ from those who are living outside the major cities and those living within them. Most people that lived outside major cities were more likely to die from those that lived in the major cities from certain causes.