Process Drama

Literacy Strategy #30


  • This strategy can be adapted for all elementary grade levels
  • Can be whole group or small group

What is process drama?

  • Unscripted dramatic context about a story or historical event.
  • Students assume roles to experience and reflect on the event.
  • These roles help them 'walk in another persons shoes' and see an event from their viewpoint
  • Teacher presents dilemmas that the students must work through as their character.

When to use this strategy

  • During literature focus units
  • Thematic Units

Why use this strategy?

  • Allows students to delve more deeply into a book or a social studies topic
  • Increases oral language, comprehension, and content areas
  • Process drama goes beyond reenacting an event, but they explore the topic from the viewpoint of a book character or historical person
  • Allows students to see other people's viewpoints


  1. Set the purpose-Why they are doing this
  2. Establish the imaginary dramatic world-Set the scene
  3. Dramatize the event-Have students act out scene
  4. Ask questions-Ask students questions about character
  5. Prompt reflection-Write journal entry from perspective of character. Insight gained
  6. Discuss the activity-Reflect on how felt, what learned