Technology @ Coonley

2nd Quarter Highlights

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Coding is Here!

Our CPS pilot is now in full swing! Students in grades K-5 have had weekly coding sessions using's curriculum with Mrs. Zumpano while our middle school students receive coding lessons in science and math where applicable in the current curriculum. The pilot program has both "unplugged" and online activities that students have embraced. Below are some examples of what we've been working on.

Twitter Still Going Strong!

Thank you to all of our followers! We hope that you are finding our Twitter posts helpful. Below are 3 examples of ways we continue to use this powerful social media tool to share the wonderful things that are happening at Coonley! You can follow us at If you are not on Twitter consider joining! If you need assistance, please email Mrs. Zumpano. Our feed is embedded on the homepage of our website for added convenience.

Other Technology Happenings Around Coonley

  • Kudos to Ms. Meegan and her 8th grade social studies students! While studying immigration students recorded an interview with an immigrant (many of them used Audioboom) and then created a master slideshow with each student authoring a slide with a summary and a link to the recordings. View these on Ms. Meegan's website here.
  • Great job Ms. Smith and her 6th & 7th grade social studies classes! Ms. Smith is using various technology tools to help students demonstrate their knowledge of continents. Students have used iMovie, Thinglink and "Fakebook" to demonstrate their understanding
  • Way to go Ms. Heineman! Currently still in the recording process, we are capturing student voice using Audioboom of students reading their fiction stories!
  • Nice job Ms. Butala! As students researched scientists they created a slideshow of their findings and had an extra credit opportunity to record a quote by their scientist using Audioboom.
  • Hooray Ms. Wiltse! Students used the PhotoSpeak app to record book reviews.
  • Stay tuned! Several tech projects are ongoing such as Mr. Sullivan's Thinglink Illinois research project and Ms. Wiltse's ABC's of Literature wikis with 8th grade

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Technology @ Coonley is a newsletter written by Nicole Zumpano, Coonley's technology coach.