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Summative Assessments for Bullying Units


Bullying is a growing concern amongst school age children as well as those involved in their educations. As such, educators should be prepared to facilitate conversations and simulations that will encourage children to make decisions that will mold them into solid citizens.

However, after conversations and simulations, students should have means of conveying their thoughts, opinions, questions, and passions in the most creative means possible. They should have a bevy of choices at their disposal for evincing their understanding of what they have learned. Below you will find some suggestions.

Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Bullying is unfortunately a choice that many people make. What better way for students to display their knowledge of this than to create a story that changes depending on the choices you make? Choose Your Own Adventure Stories are easier to make than you think and can be crafted as an entire class.

Most computers in schools have either Powerpoint or Keynote installed, both of which can use hyperlinking to slides in order to create choices for readers of the story. This can also be down using SmartBoard and Promethean Board software. Stories can be as simple as students typing on a slide or include illustrations, pictures, video, or audio for a little more "flair."

Students can also create websites that would function in the same way.

Public Service Announcements

Having students create public service announcements would be a great way to convey their understanding. This would also expose them to advertising techniques that are used professionally. Tools like Animoto, GoAnimate, Voki, or Blabberize would be great to use to this end. If there are tablets are available, using the camera app, apps like Tellagami, Madlips, Morfo, Vintagio, and Puppet Pals 2 would give students the ability to make video that would be powerful.

In the absence of any of these tools, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations can be saved as movies. Not a glitzy, but they will function nicely.

Students can also make digital posters using tools like Smore, Poster My Wall , Koowall or Thinglink.


Infographics are great ways to integrate your ELA and Math curriculums. They're also great for having display any research they've done on bullying. Tools like Easelly, Visually, or Piktochart will give students to do this. Infographics can also be constructed using Powerpoint and Keynote.


Creating presentations is a tried and true method for students to convey their knowledge on a subject. The aforementioned Powerpoint and Keynote are standard tools, but internet is full of a myriad of others. Metta, Emaze, Presentain, Prezi, Bunkr, Powtoon, Zeega, Visme and Slideshare are just examples of the thousands of presentation tools that litter the internet.


Comics are concise and creative ways to get one's point across. They'd be a great tool to use as a summative assessment. Sites like Pixton, Make Beliefs Comix, Marvel Create Your Own Comics, Toondoo, Pikistrips, Stripgenerator, StoryBoard That or Comic Master would allow students to create comics in a fashion they'll like.

Writing a Short Story, Poem, or Essay

Some students will wish to express themselves in verse or prose with no frills. Any word processing software will suffice, but you might want to challenge these students to do a little more. Blogging (Weebly, Kidblog, Edublogs) would be great to utilize or a service like Tackk that would allow students to collect their work online.

Another idea would be to publish digital magazines of their work using a service like Issuu, Glossi/Slipp or Flipsnack.