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Friday, November 20, 2015
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New Items

Superintendent Search Update

The search firm assisting with hiring the next superintendent for Francis Howell Schools has created a day to seek out information from employees at all sites. If you are interested in attending please let Mrs. Goeke know. We will be able to send one certified staff member and one non-certified staff member. After everyone that is interested has submitted their names, we will draw one person from the group in a random drawing. I would like to have all names submitted by noon of next Tuesday, November 24th. Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions, see Dr. Huff.

Certified Meeting

November 30 8:00-8:45

Non-Certified Meeting

November 30 9:00-9:45

Additionally, if you are not selected there are open forum nights listed below.

DATE: November 30 – FHHS (auditorium)

December 01 FHC (auditorium)

December 07- FHN (TBD)

TIME: 6:30 – 7:15

Lights and Safety

Lights: The times on the lights have been updated to reflect daylight savings time. However, there are four wall packs on the building that are out. The district is working to get those fixed. Dr. Lee will let everyone know when the lights are working.

Monthly Safety Reminders-

1) Have you reviewed the E-911 guidelines with your staff? – If you call 911 from your room, please notify the office of the reasons 911 was called. The district has protocols that we have to follow with regards to notifying them on 911 calls.

2) Does your staff know where to find accident/injury reports in your building? The accident reports are located in the work room on the wall by the nurse’s office. They are in a blue folder on the bulletin board.

3) Are you and your staff familiar with your alternate sites? Our two alternate sites are 1. Messiah Lutheran and 2. St. Charles Community College. The safety team will be visiting both sites this year.

4) If there are wet mats by the doors, please contact a custodian to make sure they are removed and dried. This will prevent slippage. If you see a spill or water in the hallway, please contact the main office or a custodian.

5) The custodial closets should be locked and remained locked during the school day.

6) Make sure to keep all of the egress doors cleared at all times.

7) Please do not prop open a fire door or hallway door with chairs, trashcans, etc.

Teaching Bell to Bell

Classroom instruction should e taking place using the "Bell to Bell" practice. Students are not to "pack up" and line up at the door at the end of class. If there is time at the end of class (2-3 minute), the students can remain seated and read until the class period ends. If you have questions, please see and administrator.

Entering Grades in Infinite Campus

Remember to enter grades in to Infinite Campus in a timely manner.


The district moved to Republic Recycling a couple of years ago. At that time Christian Recycling was informed to pick up their recycling bins, however, they did not pick them up. Therefore, we continued to use the bins. Last week, we were notified they wanted the big trashcans and small bins. We have notified them to pick up the bins. So, we are working to find trashcans to put in the hall ways and empty paper boxes for each classroom. If you are in need of a paper box for recycling, please contact Mrs. Simmons. We will work on getting one to you. This came upon very quickly and we are working to get enough containers for the classrooms. We are still recycling, so please continue to push recycling with your students.

Important Information

NHJS Student Helpers

NJHS student helpers are available before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 a.m. Email Christy Bear if you need help. They can file, cut laminating, tidy, organize, tutor, etc. This is a great way to support and encourage student leadership!

CUES Survey & CUES Reminder...

To keep this at the forefront of our work, here are the CUES the Admin team is monitoring on a weekly basis:

Communication of Information /Open Channels

United Administrative Team

Evidence of Academic Focus

Support& Visibility

This is a building generated survey to obtain staff feedback on how well our building Admin team is doing with our CUES.

Please complete by 8:15 a.m. on Friday, November 20, 2015

Link for the CUES Survey Monkey Survey:

Here is the link to complete the Mid-Quarter CUES survey for 2nd quarter.

Supporting families in need by wearing Jeans to school

How would you like the opportunity to wear jeans to school for the rest of the year (well actually Nov 30 - Dec 22) ? Simply make a $15.00 donation by November 30th and you can wear jeans to school from Nov 30 through the end of 2015! This is a way we can raise money to support families in need during the holiday seasons (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter). Through this fund we often provide additional supports and resources.

For Your Information...

Field Trips and Field Trip Procedures

Here are two reminders regarding field trips.

1. When planning a field trip, it is imperative that a student roster be sent out to the entire staff at least one week prior to the field trip date.

2. Contact Mrs. Finnerty to check to see if any of the students attending the field trip have medication or special medical needs.

Here is the link to the Francis Howell district field trip information checklist.


Discovery Education
Changes to Discovery Education (formally United Streaming) were recently made. All of the content is still there, but the ability to assign content to your students has been added. Also recently added was “Board Builder”, a resource that allows students to demonstrate their learning in a similar way to Glogster. Our January 28 Tech Café will be an opportunity for teachers to learn to use Discovery Education.

Here is the new way to login to Discovery Education:

Username: District Username Example: jabargielski
Password: EmployeeID# Example: 12345
Username: FirstInitial+MiddleInitial+LastName Example: jabargielski456
Password: StudentID Example: 123456
**NOTE: Usernames for students includes a middle initial. This is not consistent with how students login to computers and most other accounts. If students have trouble logging in, this the first thing to double-check.

Please see Jeff Bargielski if you have trouble logging in.

Tech Fest '16 will be held on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. More information to follow. Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal to present.


Walkthroughs continue to demonstrate a solid application of NEE indicator 3.1. Also, our 1st Quarter NEE average with this indicator was 6.3. Congratulations everyone.


The QFIC Objective continues to remain as a non-negotiable. 77.6% of observed lessons (through the end of 1st Quarter) were QFIC. SIP Goal is 75% by the end of the year!


Academic Blackout Dates

Our next window of Blackout Dates will be December 14-18. If you have questions about these dates please see Dr. Huff, Mrs. James, or Dr. Lee.


November Birthdays

1 Ted Huff

4 Jeanine Wolf

5 Becky Strickland

8 Pat Huenke

25 Elvis Ahmetovic

28 Carrie Roberson

Upcoming Dates

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break