How mining is unsafe and dangerous to the environment


Mining effects the environment in both negative and positive ways, imagine a forest new, healthy and then we find gold or oil underneath, now the forest is bare and unhealthy, all the animals have gone away and the plants have died. That is what forests now look like due to mining The picture beside this text, is representing how mining is unsafe. You can see that then man working is using a dangerous tool to mine the coal that works your fireplaces, and mechanical devices everyday. And everyday someone's life is at risk.

Minig effects Forestry

Everyday we mine thousands of people are effected. When the tar sands blew up, it destroyed most of the forest in Northern Alberta.The sand pumps tens of billions of dollars annually into our economy. The tar sand was the world's most environmentally damaging activities, it destroyed a vast area of the Boreal forest and sucks water from local rivers with long pipes to turn it into wastes and dumps. Most Canadian's want this industry to stop because it is relentlessly turning our society into something we don't approve of.

What it looked like before and after the Tar sands

Tar sands

As you can in the picture beside this text, before the tar sands were put in it was beautiful! Now, it looks like there's been a war. You can see how much it destroyed the land and Boreal forest. Many homes were destroyed due to the building of this production.


Due to the Tar sands Canada has to pay billions of dollars annually for the clean up of it. In my opinion, I want this production to stop because of the harm that it has put to animals. Due to it, more ducks have oil caught in their feathers and with no one to clean them, they are at high risk of dying.

Positive ways of mining

Mining is good in other opinions because it works our machines on a daily basis. Whether its oil for our cars, tar for construction, or diamonds for our jewelry, we use mining everyday. Nowadays, we use machines and technology to mine, but back in the 60s they had to use humans and animals to mine for our daily needs. If we didn't mine, we wouldn't have oil for our cars, Jewels for our jewelry, without it we would not have the technology we have today to create a better ecosystem.