Friday, September 4, 2015

have an awesome 3 day weekend

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Let's celebrate our American Heritage

Thursday, September 17 is Constitution Day. I would like for us to celebrate our American Heritage the entire week.

Our 4th grade teachers and students will be receiving a booklet "Words That Built America" from the GaDOE.

I am currently brainstorming some ideas to celebrate that week. I welcome your ideas for school wide activities. Simple Wear Red, White, & Blue on September 17.

As you plan for teaching and learning during that week embed lessons and learning activities that focus student learning on the Constitution of the United States.

Recommended Resources for Celebration of Constitution Day

The National Constitution Center has many lessons and activities to assist teachers in recognizing Constitution Day. They will be providing an “interactive Constitution” that week that is a great way to incorporate the Constitution into our eClass course pages for students and parents. It can be found at

In addition, the Center for Civic Education, in collaboration with the American Association of School Administrators, offers free lessons on the U.S. Constitution. Schools may incorporate these special lessons at any time that week. Lessons for grades K–12 are available for free download from the Center's website at

The United States Constitution is a unique document that forms the basis for our government. This is an excellent opportunity for us to focus on this important document and help our students understand its significance.

Websites with instructional and historical resources:

www.nationalfoundationof patriotism

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September- ShareWin

September ShareWin contest is all about Widgets inside the eCLASS C & I tool This month teachers can submit as a discussion post in the self directed training course a screen shot along with a description of a custom widget they have created OR an idea you have for a widget.

This submission makes you eligible for the drawing to win a tablet for their classroom at the end of the month.

Parkview Cluster Foundation News

The Parkview Cluster Foundation is excited to once again offer grant awards to the cluster teachers. That means Arcado Elementary School teachers may submit an application for academic support needs. The applications can be found on the Parkview Cluster Foundation website at

The deadline for application submission is Thursday October 1st.

Grant recipients will be announced at the end of October and grants will be promptly distributed shortly thereafter.

Please consider applying for any needs or wants you may have.

Angie Curtis and Judy Swafford received grants last year. I am sure they would be happy to talk with you about the application process.

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Also, remember that there is a $5000 matching grant for faculty and staff monthly contributions. Every dollar you contribute throughout the year per a payroll deduction will be matched up to $5000.

To give through a payroll deduction, follow these directions:

1. Go to the Employee Portal

2. click on About Me

3. click on GCPS Foundation

4. click on Make a Donation

5. Enter Donation Amount and Donation Option

6. SELECT Parkview Cluster Fund !

7. Submit

Thank you for considering, and please know that you participation sends a strong message to our community: We believe in the Parkview Cluster.

Remember no donation is considered small; it is our participation that is most important!

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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Non-exempt employees like paraprofessionals, school clerks, bookkeepers, administrative assistants (AA), and custodians must be paid overtime or receive compensatory time for work performed in excess of 40 hours per week.

Here at Arcado we are committed to following the law. Therefore if you see one of these employees outside of their work hours you are not to ask them to perform a duty for you.

I will have our non-exempt employees post their daily work hours on their desk or office door.

Please be respectful of my desire to follow the law.

Chick-Fil-A Spirit Nights

Mark Your Calendar for your grade level night.

September 8- Kindergarten

October 13- 1st grade

November 10- 2nd grade

December 8- 3rd grade

January 12- 4th grade

February 9- 5th grade

March 8- Special Education

April 12- Special Areas

May 10- Support Teachers (Reading Recovery, ESOL, Gifted)

do your VERY BEST & not take personal or sick leave on October 5 & 6.

Due to Instructional Team planning we will have a large amount of subs in the building. Thank you for your commitment to being here and being present in instructional planning.

literacy and math staff development start next week

staff meeting thursday, september 10 focus: lspi and rbes

Arcado School Calendar

Username: staff Password: panda

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Are you a registered VOTER?

October 5th is the deadline to register in order to vote in November.

What are the qualifications to register to vote?

You must be…

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • A legal resident of Georgia and Gwinnett County
  • 17 ½ years old to register
  • 18 years old to vote

Where can I register to vote?

RIGHT HERE AT WORK!!! Koki Horner and Ursula Jennings are deputy registrars.

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