Earliest Devices Through History

By: Ryan H. and Maryam A.

The Earliest Computer Device: The Counting Method

It was invented 300,000 B.C with no specified creator. Counting was used for mankind's own survival during the time. Knowing the quantity of the items that mankind had to have, as said before, for their own survival. It adapted into into computers because in todays world, machines are used for counting and giving humans the exact quantity that is needed. "In time, wealth and other things started to accumulate and volumes became larger. Methods of visualizing quantities are of course very subjective, the need for better means of telling quantities and at the same time keeping track of them, increased. And as always the means were invented or improved upon when needed." (thocp.net)

A Few Pictures of Computers...

The Role of the texas Instrument in the Development of Computer Technology...

The problem was called, "The Tyranny of numbers", the role that it played in the development of current computer technology, "Transistors were minuscule in comparison, more reliable, longer lasting , produced less heat, and consumed less power." (Ti.com) therefore, much more efficient and longer lasting in the long run.

On This Day in History! March 9

The company Apple Computer Incorporated, Motorola Inc, IBM Corporation as well as four other unnamed companies join what is called an formed as the PowerOpen Association Incorporated. This company was needed to advertise the use of the new technology of the computer chip to advance in sales of the next personal computer that would come out. This company also accommodated to the PowerOpen environment, which led to the making of the Apple P.C.

The Biogaphy of Steve Jobs.

Born in San Fransisco, California February 24, 1955. Jobs was given up for adoption by two students of Wisconsin University. Later in his life, he started working on computers with a man by the name of Steve Wozniak in 1976. They changed the world as we all know it, as human kind now had the ipad, ipod, etc. Sadly, he died in 2011 to pancreatic cancer.

His Partner Steve Wozniak

Born in San Jose California on August 11, 1950 he later becomes the partner of Steve Jobs, a famous entrepreneur who partnered with Steve to create the Apple company. They founded the personal computers in 1976 and releasing it into the market.

Guess What: Its my birthday! March 4

An Wang; Born February 7, 1920 in Shanghai China and died March 24, 1990 in Boston Massachusetts. On March 4, An Wang sells his patent for ferrite core memory to the company IBM for around $500,000. What he sells, is one of the most important creations in the History of computers from the '50s through all the way to the '70s. The United States Patent Office gave Wang an award for what Wang called the "pulse transfer controlling device" in 1949.

Its Ryans Birthday!

A pure genius in the field of math, a man by the name of Blaise Pascal was born in the country of France. before he died, at a very young age of 39, Pascal made many important theorems and treatises on geometry, physics, theology (the study of the nature of God and religious belief), and a great deal of other subjects. His most remembered contribution to the world is computing, coming up with the Pascaline digital calculator, which he made to assist his father in tax-collecting.


The Internet becomes available to the public domain August of the year 1991.

E- Commerce

For those of you who do not know what this is "E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet"( Rouse ). The E- Commerce began in 1991.

Who hates Youtube? I Mean Really.

Youtube was made by three men, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen who all rated it February 4, 2005. It is a video sharing website, where people from all over the world can share what they want. To access it, you go onto the internet and watch videos from there after you type in the cite. There is as well a very useful app. To make money off of Youtube, you must join the Partner Program basics in which you must qualify for its criteria.

The Creation of the Company; Microsoft.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in the year 1975, now it is worth an impressive $230 Billion.

About the Famous Bill Gates

Born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. When he was young, around the age of 13, he showed a fond towards computers where he and his partner Paul Allen later built the company known today as Microsoft. Gates is one of the richest men in the world because of his creation and in February of 2014 he steps down as head of Microsoft.

Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg

Born May 14, 1984 in New York. He made social networking site we all know and love today in his college dorm. Knowing that this site would turn into something greater, he left Harvard his second year and is now the worlds youngest billionaire, with over 250 million people using his site everyday.

Twitter and its founder Jack Dorsey

Born in St. Louis Missouri November 19, 1976 he became the founder of the social site Twitter, after becoming involved in web development while he was still in his college years. He has become CEO, Chairman of the board and the executive chairman of the twitter social site.

The Very First Computer Game

William Higinbotham created the first video game ever in 1958. His game, called "Tennis for Two," was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope. In 1962, Steve Russell invented SpaceWar!. Spacewar! was the first game intended for computer use. Russell used a MIT PDP-1 mainframe computer to design his game" (Mary Bellis)

Global Video Game Revenues Through the Years

"The timeline presents global video games advertising revenues from 2007 to 2010 and provides a forecast until 2016. In 2010, the global video games advertising revenue amounted to about 1.9 billion U.S. dollars. The compound annual growth rate for the period from 2012 to 2016 is projected to be 11.2 percent." (Statista)
1. 2007 - 1.07 in revenue
2. 2008 - 1.4 in revenue
3. 2009 - 1.63 in revenue
4. 2010 - 1.9 in revenue
5. 2011 - 2.18 in revenue
6. 2012 - 2.49 in revenue
7. 2013 - 2.8 in revenue
8. 2014 - 3.1 in revenue
9. 2015 - 3.41 in revenue

The Ride at DIsney exploring the Past, Present and the Future...

A ride named Spaceship Earth down in Disney World explores the life of humans past and present and what they believe it to be in the future. It is a 14 minute long ride that explores and goes back through time to explore how humans first communicated, “Throughout the attraction, Audio-Animatronics, lasers, and all sorts of other special effects are used to showcase communication and communication technology past, present, and future.” ( Charming )

Colossus Computer

One of the first computers to be built by human kind, it was used against the Germans against teleprinter systems of encryption. Its nickname was called, "Tunny" at Bletchley Park. The Colossus computer was the smartest computer out in the world during the time, "From 1941 Hitler and the German High Command relied increasingly on Tunny to protect their communications with Army Group commanders across Europe." (Copeland). It weighed around one ton with a clock speed of 5KHz, derived from sprocket holes in the input tape. The electricity that it used was 2500 valves.
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Heres An Interesting Fact

In May of 1996, a chess playing computer called "Chip Test" defeated Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov. Garry Kasparov was one of the strongest chess players in history. Born April 13, 1963 in the Russian Republic of Azerbaijan, he grew up to beat the famous legend at the time, Anatoly Karpov at the age of 22 in 1985.
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About Plankalkul in 1940... What would it accomplish?

"In 1940 Z2 was successfully demonstrated to the Deutschen Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt and Zuse obtained partially funding for the development of his third computer, Z3, which he began to build in 1939. Z3 was ready in the spring of 1941, and in May, 1941, it was presented to the scientists in Berlin. Z3 and was built completely out of relays (600 for the arithmetic unit, 1400 for the memory and 400 for the control unit). In all other aspects it was similar to Z1 and Z2: it used binary numeral system and floating-point numbers, a floating-point arithmetic unit with two 22-bit registers, storage capacity of 64 words with 22 bit word length, control via 8-channel tape (i.e., a command consisted of 8 bits). The input was via a special keyboard. Output by displaying the results on light stripe including the location of the decimal commas. It was a little bit faster—5,33 Hz. The principle of work of the machine however, was improved, introducing some parallelism: a 22-bit word of data could be moved from the memory to the Register R1 and vice versa in one step (clock cycle). The same holds true for the arithmetic unit, where, amongst other things, parallel adders were used." ("History of Computers and Computing, Birth of the Modern Computer, Relays Computer, Konrad Zuse.")

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Frequently Bought Electronics Online

Did you know, less than a third of consumers buy their electronics online? They would rather go to a physical store and buy their electronic toys and equipment.

A few examples are as followed:

        1. Computer or software- 34%
        2. eReader- 32%

        3. Tablet computer- 29%

        4. Smartphone/ Mobile phone- 23%

Hammurabi Dynasty

The word algorithm came from the Arab word, “Al Kuvaritm”. Though through the years of 1800-1600 B.C it was the Egyptians and the Babylonians who had used the algorithms.

“A recent archaeological expedition has brought to light, in an area of Mesopotamia (currently Iraq) near ancient Babylon (currently Baghdad), some tablets covered with cuneiform (having the form of a wedge) signs” (Paolo) These signs have been of interest since. They were written during the Hammurabi dynasty (1800-1600B.C) and showed how the Babylonians had great knowledge of Algebra during the time. The only limitation with this group, is that they did not know how to use the formulas that they had made in their everyday life. “Each concise formula was seen as a list of elementary actions whose execution had the same effect as the application of the concise formula. In other words applying the concise formula is equivalent to applying the corresponding sequence of elementary actions to resolve the problem.”(Paolo)

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