Francis Drake

Explored 1,558-1,596

Places explored

1560- Commander of his own ship, sailed to Africa to illegally trade slaves. Then sailed to Spain and where caught and held captive, but escaped.
1572- Voyaged to Panama, raided Spanish settlements and took much gold and silver.
1577- Went on and expedition to the Pacific coast of South America, as well as exploring the Northwester coast of North America. Looking for the North West passage. Went to the straight of Magellan to reach the Pacific. He landed of the coast of California and claimed it for Elizabeth. Then to get back home sailed thought the Pacific and Indian ocean and around Cape of Good Hope.
1579- Traveled the world and was the first one to do so.
1582- When he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
1585- Sailed to West Indies took over Santiago, Cartagena, St. Augustine, and destroyed Spanish ports and raids them.
1587- Destroys Spanish fleet at Cadiz.
1588- Led second in command against the English defeated the supposed invincible Spanish fleet.
1596- Going against the Spanish, though taking there treasure in Panama would stop the war, but still go defeated at Nombre de Dios.

His achievements

He was the first english man to circumnavigate the globe.
Was knighthood by Queen Elizabeth.
Got jewels a portrait from Queen Elizabeth when got commoner.
Was a wealthy man.

About Francis drake

He was raised in Plymouth. Started voyages with his family at first, then for Queen Elizabeth. He was a hater of the Spanish. He had became very wealthy and respected by queen Elizabeth. Know cruel by the Spanish. During his lifetime he achieved many amazing feats of valor. With his last defeat from the Spanish, he got a fever and Dysentera and died a few days after. Then barred at sea.