News from Room 11

March 22, 2013

What we will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 1- Looking at the sky can teach us many things

- Vocabulary: lucky, scatter, discover, pale, mysterious, dusk, leaped

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): full, poor, another, climb, through, lucky, leaped

- Grammar/Mechanics: adjectives

- Phonics: noisy "r" spelled er, ir, ur. Spelling Words: her, bird, fur, fern, dirt, burn

- Skill: Cause and Effect

* Math- Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20

Important Notes:

Important Notes:

- Please put one item in a paper bag and send it to school by Thursday, March 28th. Write 3 - 5 adjectives to describe the object on the outside of the bag. We are just starting to learn about adjectives and this is a great way to made it relevant to first graders.

- We are in need of individually wrapped extra snacks, disinfecting wipes, and dry. Thank you!

- Foundation for Learning Drive is going on now!!! The FFL helps purchase computers for our classrooms, bulbs for our document cameras and projectors, IPads and IPods for additional grade levels and the media center, and so much more! Please donate today! Go to SSF Website for more information.

- Student Council is spearheading a campaign to bring awareness about families in need by participating in a basic necessities/food drive. We are supporting The San Diego Food Bank program by collecting items at Solana Santa Fe. Basically, it will cover a two week period starting March 25th and ending on April 5th. Items collected from SSF families will be stored in the front lobby. The council introduced the program and give further information during this morning assembly this Friday.

-A book for March Club Book is going home on Monday. Please have your child read it several times and write a retell with detailed pictures. Thank you to Ricky who is sponsoring March’s Book Club!

Check out our Educreations about the Natural History Museum

Upcoming Events:

April 29th: Book Club

April 8th-12th: Spring Break

May 10th: First Grade Performance at 1:15

May 23rd: Open House


Christy Campbell