By Max Klein The History Of Uganda

Uganda's History

Uganda is often thought of as an African success story. Since gaining independence from Britain in 1962, the country has been able to overcome significant political upheavals, including the violent regimes of Presidents Amin and Obote. Uganda’s current President, Museveni Yoweri, has been in office since 1986. Many have credited him with bringing stability to history. Uganda has become one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. However, the stability in the south is in stark contrast to northern Uganda, which has been severely affected. It also has a high rate of HIV and AIDS. 80% of people are living with HIV or AIDS in Uganda. And there literally no doctors there, for every 12 doctors there are a 100,000 people.

Location- East Africa

Capital- Kampala

Population- 33.6 million

Size- Slightly smaller than Oregon

Religions- Christian 84%, Muslim 12%, Others 4%