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August 22, 2021

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First Week SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone for such a successful first week of school! Students and teachers have been so excited to get to know everyone and get the year rolling.

Kindergarten students came only one day this week, but join us full time on Monday! Kindergarten teachers will be outside in the car lane Monday to help get all K students to the auditorium. Please see arrival and dismissal reminders below.

MAP Testing and Chromebooks

Every student in K-5th grade will be bringing home their chromebooks every day. This will ensure that if a student becomes a close contact or covid positive, they will have access to their school work at any time.

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) is a nationally-normed, computerized test, provided to all Anderson 5 students in grades K-5. It assesses students in the areas of math and reading and allows our teachers to identify specific areas of strength and areas for improvement. Teachers use this information to prepare small group instruction on each child's ability level in both reading and math.

Parents will receive information about your child's score in the weeks after testing.

We are MAP testing this coming week, so on the day before your child's MAP test, your child's teacher will be keeping their chromebook at school so it will be charged and ready.

The MAP testing schedule is below. Please ensure your child is well-rested, well-fed and on time for school, especially on their MAP testing day.

Tuesday, Aug. 24: 3rd-5th Grade Reading Test

Wednesday, Aug. 25: 3rd-5th Grade Math Test

Thursday, Aug. 26: K-2 Reading Test

Friday, Aug. 27: K-2 Math Test

For further questions, please email your child's teacher.

Spirit Days

The last Friday of each month is Spirit Day! Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team or North Pointe spirit wear.

In addition, students can pay $1 to wear a HAT to school! 100% of all proceeds benefit March for Babies.

Our first Spirit Day is Friday, August 27.

We used to sell Wainani Shaved Ice on Spirit Days, however we will be discontinuing this for now. We hope to start back up very soon!

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School Merchandise Orders

We are excited about all of our school merchandise for sale this year!

All orders are to be placed by September 2. You can have your items delivered to your house or sent to us at the school. We will give the order to your child to bring home.


Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

This week we welcome back ALL of our kindergarten students beginning on Monday. They have been coming 3-4 at a time last week, so that means that our traffic will pick up in the mornings and afternoons.

You can HELP make traffic move more quickly and safety by helping us with the following:


  • Do not let your child out of the car prior to the doors opening at 7:15 am.
  • Please stay off of your phones while in the car line.
  • The left lane is NOT to be used for dropping students off. This is very dangerous! If you get in the left lane, you must drive through the lane to the front parking lot.
  • Use the right lane to drop students off at the sidewalk.
  • If you arrive after 8:00, you have to come to park, walk in and sign your child in. Do not send siblings in with your child.
  • All children must be ready to get out, with their bookbags, when they arrive. Parents are not allowed to get out of the car while in the car line for any reason. If you need to park and get out, you must pull around to the front of the school and walk your child in.


  • Please stay off of your phones while in the car line.
  • We dismiss at 2:30. If you arrive after 2:50, you may have to come to the front office and come inside to get your child.
  • At 3:00 all students are considered a 'late dismissal'.
  • Please remember to pull all the way to the car in front of you. Do not leave large gaps in the line. We try to load as many cars as we can at a time.
  • Please keep your car tag in your rear view mirror until your child gets into the car. This helps us to get them out quickly.

We Need Volunteers!

Even though we are not allowing visitors in our school right now, we do need volunteers to help our PTO board!

If you are interested in being a ROOM PARENT, or volunteering in any other capacity, please fill out the link below.

PTO Volunteer Form

School breakfast and lunch are free! And delicious! Students should come to school before 7:45 to enjoy our breakfast each day.

Have you bought your child's yearbook yet?

If not, you can click the link below to place your order. Yearbooks are $25.

Josten's Yearbooks