Hydro Energy

By: Taylor Raycraft

Renewable Resouces

A renewable resource is an energy source that will not run out. Renewable resources are generated from natural resources like the sun, wind and water, these resources are a never ending supply of energy.

Non-renewable resources are running out, they are also harmful to the earth. Green house gasses are trapping heat in the earth, which is causing climate change, affecting plants, animals and people. Green house gasses are caused by non-renewable resources.

Hydroelectric energy

Hydro power is a renewable resource. Hydro power is rushing water that spins a turbine and powers a generator, which sends electricity through power lines. The electricity is made in a dam, which rises water levels on one side of it. Hydroelectricity can be stored for when we need it.

The first water weeks were used over 2000 years ago to make hydro power, that means we have been using it for over 2000 years! In 2006 hydroelectricity powered 20 percent of the worlds electricity, that is almost half of the worlds electricity.

Advantages of Hydro Power

Hydro power does not waste water, the water only spins the turbine to power the generator. Dams are made to last long and constantly produce energy. Dams also do not produce green house gasses and they don't pollute the atmosphere.

Dams are also good because some people like to use the large lakes that form behind a dam for water sports, and other swimming activities, that people like to do in water.

Disadvantages of Hydro Power

Hydro power is made with a dam, but dams are very dangerous. Like the building of Hoover dam triggered a lot of earth quakes. People living in small villages were forced to move out because of flooding, flooding is also destroying natural environment. Some dams collapse because water was to heavy, and when they collapsed it led to flooding. Dams are also very expensive to build, they can cost up to $8.8-billion.

Water will also freeze up in the winter so that means hydro power can not be made in the winter time, because the water will be frozen and water will not be moving.









Water Power by Niel Morris