Apple iTunes VS. Google Play

By, Will Gilbert

What does Apple put more emphasis on compared to what Google focuses on in regard to apps?

Apple iTunes and Google Play. I think they both focus on apps more because every day theres a new app, but Google Play has some apps you cant get from Apple.

What's the difference? Who is generally more expensive when it comes to paid apps?

When it come to paid apps, Apple App store is cheaper and Goole Play is more expansive.

For Example, Fruit Ninja is $0.99 in Apple's App store and in google play is cost $1.22.

Layout of the store on both mobile device and online?

For Apple iTunes the layout of the store is very simple. For someone who just bought a iDevice would be able to use the store with no problem. But for the online store there isnt a place to look at apps or movies or music. For Google Play i dont see anny options to look at top grossing or top paid. But their online store has Top paid, Top grossing, Top free, Top new paid, and Top new free.

My favorite app that is on Google Play but not on the Apple app store.

My favorite app from Google Play is called emulator. Emulator alows you to download gameboy gamesand others.

Who has more apps? What kind of quality does each store have when it comes to apps?

Google Play's apple store is smaller than Apple's, but Google Play has apps that Apple does not have. But they both have all the popular app in there app store

What's the approval process of submitting an app to each store? Which one is more likely to have less bugs in their apps? What is the cost to submit an app?

When your application is fully tested and ready for publication, you will upload it to the App Store and submit it to the approval process. You will also need to set its category, keywords, and the price band. The approval will take any where from a few days to a couple months. the avarage aproval time is about a week. If your app is fully tested and meets Apple’s family oriented standards, approval should be simple. If, however, approval is denied, they will notify you of the problems by email and you will need to make necessary fixes and resubmit.You will be required to use one of Apple’s listed price bands. There are 85 bands ranging from “free” to ($999). Apple takes 30% of the selling price and pays you the balance through direct deposit once per month.