My 2015 spring AVID conference

By: Michelle Lai

My Strengths

At the beginning of the year I was not good at Cornell notes, but I improved on cornell notes as I keep on doing it each day. I remember that I found out that I am good at writing and I was so proud of how I could write an essay about The Fault In The Star in first semester. I found out that I actually am good at science and I don't hate science. Now science is my favorite class to go to. I also found out that I am really into math and that I really want to be a pharmacist in the future as each day passes by.

My Struggles

As the semester went on I found out that I need to be out of my comfort zone because I can't just sit in class and not share my ideas or ask questions. I need to get use to that more, to help me through high school and college when I present to the whole class and when I do assignments. I also need to work on getting involved in the community like playing sports and later on join some clubs that I am interested in. I don't really know what I struggle in avid, but I know that I need to do better at TRFs and to have them thought through well.

My Assignments and Grades!

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My Involvement and Why it's important in the future

I have not participated in any clubs or sports this year but I been regretting not joining any sports or clubs this year, so next year I need to get involve in sports or clubs. I went to the college night event and It was fun to learn from college students and high school students. I can have more knowledge about high school and college what is it like when I enter the high school or college. I also learned a lot from them, how they have to take classes to get credits or what they did to get where they are now and also I could take the advice from what they told me so that I don't make the mistakes or regret what I should have done when I look back into life.


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My goal for the rest of the year is to talk more in public than being shy for the rest of my life. I should also encourage myself to be involved at school and also not to be afraid of what others think.