PK3.3 Dinosaur Roar News!

22nd - 26th September 2014

Hello everyone.

I hope you have had a great week. We have here in PK3.3. The children are really engaged in our dinosaur topic. This week we read "Dinosaur Roar" by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. It was a great way to introduce opposites, "Dinosaur roar/dinosaur squeak. Dinosaur fierce/dinosaur meek". We thought of lots more opposites.....big/small, happy/sad. See how many you can think of at home.

We read a poem about a Paleontologist and went on a fossil hunt around the playground. We searched high and low and dusted off lots of dinosaur bones we found. Look below to see what we found!

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International Peace Day and Jewish New Year

Monday was International Peace Day. We acknowledged the day with a photo of all PK3 in the shape of the peace symbol and made "Peace Plates" together in class.

We also thank Cira and her Mom for sharing their celebration of 'Rosh Hashana', the Jewish New Year. Cira bought in special bread called "Challah" to share everyone.

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Meet our budding authors and illustrators.....

This week we have been sharing the children's own dinosaur stories. We have enjoyed hearing all about "Dinosaur Camilo in the jungle", "Kitty the Dinosaur" and "Joseph the T-Rex" who liked to eat meat and was a very ferocious and strong dinosaur! We have had fact books as well, "What can the Dinosaurs do?" and "The story of Apatosaurius" who ate grass and trees and was very happy! If you still have a book to finish please send it in next week, we love hearing their stories.
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Frozen Fossils

We needed all our Paleontology skills to excavate frozen fossils on Thursday. Dinosaurs had been trapped in ice and PK3.3 knew just what to do! We used our fine motor skills with water droppers and coloured water to free them. Great team work PK3.3!
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PE with Ms Ingrid

Who wants to play "Piggy Tag?" "We do!!" The children had so much fun they didn't realize they were working all their big muscles.
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and there was lots of this too........

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Wishing you all a great weekend!

Important Messages:

CLASS PHOTOS REMINDER: PK3.3 will have their class photos taken on Wednesday 1st October, first thing in the morning. Students should come wearing normal uniform that day.

FREE CLOTHES DAY - October 7th.

Pay $2.00 to wear free clothes and support Temistocles Deago, FANLYC child sponsored by ISP. Funds collected from this activity will go towards purchasing gift certificates for this family.

We will also support Fundacion Amigos del niño con Leucemia y Cancer at their annual walk-a-thon on Oct.18-19th. More information to come.

For more information about this foundation, visit

PE is every FRIDAY - please send your children in wearing PE uniform and suitable footwear. Long hair should be tied back.