Jewelry In Candles Newsletter

1st edition. March 15th - 21st

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness month!

This month with my JIC business, I am honored to be hosting a Fundraiser to help support those who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating disease that does not have a cure. I have some very dear friends suffering from MS and wish to do my part in helping to find that cure. For this fundraiser, I will be donating 15% of my total commissions from the event (which will run all month) in honor of those people I love to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Below is a little fact about MS.

There are an estimated 350,000 cases of MS in the United States today and this number is expected to increase by 10,000 new cases each year. In the United States, for example, nearly three times as many people who suffer from this debilitating disease live above the 37th parallel (which runs from Santa Cruz, California to Newport News, Virginia) than below. This fact is important because people who suffer from MS have issues to extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Since the main color to support and bring awareness to MS is Orange, let us all join together with some ORANGE and show our support. We have some wonderful candles and tarts in that color!

  • Fruit Slices
  • Pumpkin Souffle
  • Carrot Cake
  • Campfire
  • Orange Dreamsicle

If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser and in helping to support those who have MS. Please follow the link below.

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New Release! Available 03/17/2015

Flower Shop!

Just like walking into a flower shop! Transform your home with the heavenly aroma of fresh cut flowers, beautiful blossoms, and green stems. An intoxicating blend of refreshing and subtly sweet floral scents. Natural Soy Flower Shop scented candles and tarts.


Fool Me or Fool Me Not. Prize Candle! $34.95

Lemon Drops and Mango Tangerines dance around, up and down as the candle maker pours each one leaving a surprise to be found.... wondering where they will stop and what scent will be on top! Burn, Reveal & Repeat to discover if bonus prizes find you.

Fool Me (17% of candles)
Enjoy the surprising scents of Lemon Drop and Mango Tangerine while discovering your jewelry of choice. (no bonus rewards included)

Fool Me Not (83% of candles)
In addition to your jewelry of choice, discover an additional piece of jewelry, free products or other bonus prizes. We love our loyal customers, hope you enjoy!

  • Win a bonus piece of jewelry matching your selection/size
  • Win a high value coupon worth 40-50% off your next order
  • Win Free Candles and Tarts

Discover Hundreds Of Bonus Prizes!

  • A Walt Disney World 5 Day Vacation for 2 including airfare, accommodations, meal plan and park tickets!
  • Jewelry valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • 42" & 32" LED TVs
  • BlueRay DVD players
  • ​Home Theater Systems
  • Gift Cards
  • TicketMaster Gift Cards
  • Netflix Gift Cards
  • Redbox Gift Cards
  • JIC Party Candles & Party Tarts
  • $50 & $100 JIC Gift Cards

(Bonus rewards and codes must be claimed by 05/31/15)

Easter Candle: Jelly Bean! $29.95

Hop into spring with this delicious candy mix! Grab a handful of sweet and fruity jelly beans. Top notes of wild cherry, ripe peaches and tangy strawberry are balanced with cinnamon and smooth vanilla in this irresistible Easter fragrance.

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Ring, Necklace and Earring Reveal Pictures!

Below are a few pictures of some of the jewelry that has been revealed from one of our candles or tarts!
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