welcome to karma

Karma is a distinct , unique place, where you can enjoy a pleasant moment at any time of day.For our letter will find the best selection gastronomy.We will be delighted to welcome you.

If you like the good moments of gastronomy. Karma is your choice. Breakfast, wide selection of menus and tapas, snacks and our cocktails .


Karma Kafé restaurant & lounge - Dubai
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Special Mother's Day


We also have dishes like:

1. Welsh rarebit: Tasty dish, this version of cheese on toast is made with grated Cheddar or Stilton, a sauce made of mustard and beer, mixed with an egg and poured over toast before browning in the oven.

2. Ternera Wellington: This beef fillet steak is the equivalent French breaded veal, which gives you a taste of patriotism, as the British called it well after the victory of Wellington

3. Sunday roast y puddin Yorkshire: This is a classic roast beef or lamb, served with a good Yorkshire pudding should be light to absorb the juice of the meat.


Cocktails to end the day

To end the day there is nothing better than enjoying our selection of cocktails. We think in new creations, you just have to enjoy