Welcome To Two Mills

Connor Finn

East Enders and West Enders

In this book and in this town people are determined by there color. So there are 2 parts in this town.The East end and the West end. The East end had blacks and the West end had whites. No white would ever walk into the east end it would be like a whole different world until Maniac Magee came to town.

All aboutut the book

All about Maniac Magee

There are many things you don't know about Maniac Magee. 1. His real name is Jeffery. 2. He likes to read a lot. 3. He can't stay too comfortable. 4. He is homeless most of the time. 5. He doesn't make friends easily. So these are somethings that you probably wouldn't know about Maniac Magee.

Two Mills

Two Mills is a town that is separated big time. Two parts and two races in this town. East End and West End. No wonder they called it Two Mills.


~ Scholastic is always a good one so you can order books for yourself

~ YouTube is a good one to look up videos for projects or just some funny stuff.

~ Brain Pop is a good one because there are so many things you could do to looking up research to fun games.

~ National Geographic because you can learn about so much history in the world.

Conversation Starters

Here are some conversation starters to talk to people and try and make friends


~ Whats Up?

~ Can you hangout today?

~ How was your day?

~ Hello I am (your name)

~ What is your name?


People in Two Mills are very active they love track and that's why you see many people running and walking each day. They also like a little bit of football. Hands down is a very good football in the east end.

Good tips on how to make a friend

Tips to make a friend in Two Mills.

1. Do dares because in Two Mills people love you when you are bad

2. You can't be shy you have to talk to them.

3. Make sure you let them know that if you are in trouble you will help them

4. Don't use your friends up and just be yourself.

5. You must be cool or they wont like you.