The Taliban Are Wanted

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Information About The Taliban

  • The Taliban are a group of fundamentalists Sunni Muslim militants living today near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Afghans who cooperate with Western troops or even foreign nongovernmental organizations put themselves at risk for harassment and murder. An example of this brutal punishment is being 'stoned' to death. Is this right? Do you think they really have to cross that line? We all humans, right? And we ALL make mistakes. Why get punished like this?
  • This leads for Gwendy's agency to share a case that happen not long time ago in Afghanistan. A women was married and the the other man wasn't and both of them had encounters. The Taliban discovered this and during half time of a soccer game, they dig a hole for each one and put the bodies in to the point where their heads only showed. Then brutally, they were being thrown rocks until death finally reach them.
  • The Taliban are fierce fighters and do not surrender easily. But Gwendy' s agency knows that with the public's cooperation we can defeat the Taliban.

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