April Conspiracy 365

Written by: Gabrielle Lord By: Connor Boehr


Cal is on the run alone, trying to figure out what big secret his dad discovered before he died. What ever it is people are trying to kill him over it. Since he's vanished his mom has gone crazy and his sister is in the hospital due to getting attacked. But lucky for him he has a great friend in Boges who helps him survive and helps him put his fathers hints together to figure out what the big discovery was.

Cal is advancing further and further into his father's hidden legacy. Not only is he finding more clues, he found the one and only Ormond Riddle. But unfortunately he's not the only one who wants the Riddle. Cal gets attacked on his way to his Uncle's house by Sumo.

Luckily he escapes and calls Boges, who tells him they are about to turn off his sister's life support. This forces Cal to change his plans. So Cal quickly returns to town, and after spending a night in a boat house he breaks through security to see his sister. So Cal has to escape the police as he exits the hospital and eventually he makes it to the boathouse he stayed in before. But when he opens the door to the boat house everything goes downhill.

What did you enjoy about the book?

This book was well written and full of suspense which kept you interested. The reader is starting know know things that the characters don't know which results in some foreshadowing.

Is this book apart of a series?

it is the 4th book of +12 books

Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending wrapped up a few loose ends but the ending still made you say "What the heck?", which forces you to check out the next book.

Why would you recommend this book?

Yes I would. It's a good mystery novel that's well written, exciting and It keeps you interested and is apart of a long series so it provides a lot to read so you won't get bored.