Ender's Game

By: Orson Scott Card

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Ender is a 3rd child who has the perfect balance of love and hate to be a great leader. When he was sent off to battle school he was isolated by his instructor and it made ender feel left out but he didn’t give up and eventually he made friends. After a while he got placed in salamander army where Bonzo was the leader and hated ender. This just isolated him more but the purpose for that was to make him stronger. During the battles ender wasn’t allowed to do anything but when he disobeyed Bonzo’s orders he did amazing in his first battle and caused them to get a draw instead of a loss. He got changed to rat army and in the battles his strategy was great and he got a lot of people out before getting hit. Ender became so good from practice and skill that he got his own army at the age of 9 when most commanders got their own army at the age of 12. In his army get got all launchies but he trained them until they were some of the best fighters in battle school. He won all of his battles even when the odds were stacked against him like when he had to fight 2 armies at once or have 2 battles in 1 day. Ender was so good he was sent off to commander school 4 years early than normal. They told ender that his training was just a game. He got some of his toons leaders to assist him in commander school and they followed his orders. When he got to the final test he focused his entire fire straight forward and shot little doc at the planet and destroyed the bugger planet but ender thought it was just a test. After everyone settled down ender was told that he destroyed the whole bugger race and he was devastated. For a while but valentine his sister asked him to be the ruler of a bugger planet because he wasn’t allowed to go back to earth and he said yes. When he was on the planet he saw a place in his dreams so he went inside and he found a queen bugger egg and he swore that he would not give up until he found a planet for it to live.

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