Student Examples from the iPad Lab


African American Leader Project

Students created videos after researching African Amercian Leaders using Toontastic. Their job was to create a video demonstrating how the leader they researched used one of Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Prior to publishing, students had to write a script.

Additionally, students had to write a paragraph, published with Tellagami, describing their leader's childhood. The background of the Tellagami had to be a place where the person spent their time as a child.

Later, each class created a graph showing if their chosen leaders had a good childhood. Students discussed whether or not a good childhood had any impact on a person's adulthood. The graph results indicated that one's childhood does not necessarily have an impact on future achievements.

Tellagami video

First Grade Story

After a rare snow-day in Louisiana, students wrote and published stories about their adventures using Book Creator.
Book Creator

Math Think-Aloud

After speaking to the classroom teachers, I learned that the second-grade students were learning to count money. In my classroom, students had to stamp at least three different types of coins in the Scoodle Jam app. These images were imported into Educreations where students created a think-aloud of them counting the change. The videos were sent to their teachers as an assessment. Lessons such as these serve to educate the students but are also meant to demonstrate effective uses of apps for teachers.

Short Pumpkin Animations

Third-grade students used little-Bits to create interactive pumpkins for a community event called, Pumpkin Shine on Line. These short animations ran on a computer at the display to encourage more visitors. Students explained and demonstrated their pumpkins and their animations.

Kindergarten lessons

These are two sample kindergarten lessons. The top lesson, using Chatterpix and Thinglink, was shared via QR code in the front office encouraging visitors to see "what we learn." The next lesson, using Chili Fish and Padlet, was shared via link in Class Dojo. The purpose was to encourage conversations at home, a skill often overlooked in early childhood.