Mrs. Stahl's Class

January 15, 2016

This Week...

This week in ELA, the class worked on searching, annotating and making sense of a main idea in a fiction and nonfiction passage. They will have a midtest on this subject next week. We have also started the process in our expository nonfiction writing. We have been making "I Wonder" lists, interest lists, etc. for quite some time and had to pick a topic from this list. From there, they had to think of 10 questions about that topic, if they couldn't, they had to move on to their back up topic, and so on. Once they established that they would find enough information on that topic, we discussed, in small groups, subtopics. Their 3 subtopics were due today. We started the outline process to organize their ideas. We will progress with this next week. We ARE writers!!

In math, the class has started to dive, heavily, into fractions. We discussed equivalent, least common denominator and greatest common factors. Unfortunately, some are struggling with this because they do not have their multiplication facts down yet. Please work with your child at home so they can continue to be successful in class at math time.

In science we continued Scientific Inquiry. This is a heavily tested area on the spring MAP test. We will conduct mini experiments, starting next week, so the students can have a better understanding of this process.

The American Revolution has begun in our class! I love how the class likes to listen to social studies as it's a juicy adventure story. I have found that it is easier to relate to the students by turning the standards they need to master into a story. They seem to grasp the information so much better than reading the online textbook. We are completing an interactive notebook so we have a visual learning source as well. The British will soon be coming!!!

It shouldn't be a shock to you...

I was very sad when three of my parents contacted me because they were in shock of their child's report card. I told the parents, like I told the class, I will put it right back in their boat if they are not communicating at home, like they are told everyday to do. As much as I would LOVE to hear from my own children's teachers every day how my son and daughter are doing in 5th and 8th grade, let's get real, it's not going to happen. LOL! I LOVE my class, my job and my passion for teaching, and would love to check in with you every day, since I do spend more time with your child than you do! However, since real life happens every day, I cannot make this happen. Therefore, it is crucial that your child checks in with you, shows the numerous papers that are sent home and graded, go over the planner/homework and read every night. Report cards are never to be a "gotcha" moment. As I expressed in conferences how I wish more grades were weighted, so the entire grade is not dependent upon only one test, the district is currently in the process of making this happen for the success of the students. The class work and papers that do go home, DO paint a picture of your child's successes in the class and should be shared, so you are aware of what is happening in your child's classroom. I apologize with all of my heart that this seemed to be a "gotcha" moment for some parents. I was hoping your child was reporting every day to you. Please sign this newsletter so I know that you have read this and understand it. If you have any questions we can set up a meeting to go over class procedures or your child's progress as we get further into 3rd and 4th quarter. Thank you so much for reading my weekly newsletters. This is also a form of communication to help you stay with the FP events. Remember Dr. Baker's news comes home on Thursdays and mine are every Friday. I hope this did not come off as angry, that was not my intentions, I just want what is best for your child, and at times, feel spread thin that I cannot make those calls all of the time to you!!!! Thank you parents for doing what you do best....PARENTING!!!! It's much appreciated!


Kristen Stahl


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