A Window Into Learning

Take a peek at our creating, thinking and innovating!

Counting Down The Days Unitl We Celebrate Writers!

Just a few more days until we celebrate the thinkers and writers of Room 116. Based on the RSVP's, our classroom will be very crowded. But that just means we have a lot of support from families that love us. Just come with big smiles and patient hearts. This is a casual celebration and as a last resort if younger siblings need to come that is fine with Mrs. McDevitt. See you Friday at 1:30.
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Place Value Is Important!

To have a strong mathematical foundation, you must understand place value. Mrs. McDeviitt has many ways to reinforce place value. One way is to add another day of school to our vertical number line. Vertical number lines help the students to see the pattern of groups of tens and ones. The tens stay the same up until nine ones and then there is some regrouping. As a side note can you believe we just completed day 63 of first grade? Time needs to slow down!
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We Are Thankful for Mister Matt of the PR Public Library!

We love Mister Matt! He comes to visit us once a month. He is a great storyteller! He fits right in with Room 116 in that he loves books too. Next time you are at the PR public library be sure to tell Mister Matt that you appreciate the time he takes to volunteer to read to Community One at PRS.
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A Poem With Multiple Meanings!

Gobble gobble means different things to turkeys and to humans. Remember to return the poetry journal on Monday and look for a new poem on Friday. The one this week deals with a tradition many families have on Thanksgiving. The poem last week also reinforced adjectives! Mrs. McDevitt loves all the learning opportunities that poetry allows!
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Information For This Week

sight words: put, were
Note: were is a hard word for students.

We are working with nouns, adjective and verbs.

Mrs. McDevitt will begin to assess place value this week.

The children will rotate to all of Community One's classrooms this Wednesday to celebrate some Thanksgiving learning.

Be sure to be reading at home every night. One of Mrs. McDevitt's favorite sayings is, "The more you practice the better you get!"

The school announced changes to the dress code. Refer to PR's newsletter to understand the changes.
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Classroom Needs:

We need empty toilet tissue rolls for a holiday surprise. Send them at any time.

From the Bottom of Mrs. McDevitt's Heart

Thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing and trusting your greatest treasure with me. I appreciate your patience and support as a new school system has opened. Enjoy your week off with your child. Play games, make yummy food together, read books and just listen to your child. Don't worry about housework or your never ending to do list. Just enjoy and cherish your family. I am thankful for each child and family that makes up Room 116! Your child blesses me every day and inspires to me to be a better educator! The children that work and play in Room 116 make up a big piece of my heart! Have a wonderful Thanksgving! I am grateful for you!

Upcoming Events

11.19: PTSA Meeting at 7:00 PM

11.20: Room 116's Book Publishing Celebration at 1:30 PM

11.23-11.27: Thanksgiving Break: no school

11.30 Spirit Night at No Way Jose