Purpose Games

A Web 2.0 tool to create quizzes and knowledge games

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What kind of tool is this?

A "problem solving" tool that allows students to have fun while while learning. Furthermore this tool is an aid for educators to provide learning experiences that ignites creativity, critical, thinking, and problem solving.
It is a very easy to use tool that just need you to sign up for a free account and you can start creating knowledge games for your students.
Types of games you can create:
  • Image Quiz (dots)
  • Matching Quiz
  • Type-the-Answer Quiz
  • Image Quiz (shapes)
  • Multiple Choice Game

Pros and Cons

Purpose Games has several pros:
  • It is very easy to use and do not require anything extra from your computer (nor from you).
  • You can easily create your own game or use their library containing hundreds of games already created.
  • The library is categorized in themes, date of creation, ratings...
  • You can share your games and vote to rate others games.
  • Students can share their score/results using Facebook, Twitter, or posting it into the Purpose Games wall.
  • You can create tournaments among group of students.
  • You can also publish the game in Facebook, Twitter, or using the link to embed it into any presentation you have.
  • You can set the game as private or public depending on who do you want to have access to it.

What are so cons:

  • The types of games you can create are limited to the five described above.
  • You cannot change the format of the games (colors, font, background, etc), although this is just cosmetic, it would be interesting to have the option to customize the look, specially if you are using it in a corporate training.

by Jennifer Quintero

How to create a game?

In the video below you will see step by step how to create a game. In this example I am creating a Matching Game using some Emergency Exit steps that need to be follow as part of a Safety Protocol in X organization. As you will see the process of creating the game is very simple, and self explanatory.