WM Cub Connection

December 2019

Advertise the Joy of Reading

Our goal is to motivate children to want to read so they will practice reading independently and, thus, become fluent readers. That happens when children enjoy reading. We parents can do for reading what fast food chains do for hamburgers? ADVERTISE! And we advertise by reading great stories and poems to children.

We can help our children find the tools they need to succeed in life. Having access to information through the printed word is an absolute necessity. Knowledge is power, and books are full of it. But reading is more than just a practical tool. Through books we can enrich our minds; we can also relax and enjoy some precious leisure moments.

With your help, your children can begin a lifelong relationship with the printed word, so they grow into adults who read easily and frequently whether for business, knowledge, or pleasure.


Adapted from: Helping Your Child Learn to Read. (1996). Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education.


Tooth Brushing Tips: Do's and Don'ts


Use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

Brush ALL surfaces of the teeth (front, back, top), gum line and tongue, using a gentle, wiggling motion.

Rinse your toothbrush after using it, and store it where the bristles can air dry without being crushed.

Replace your toothbrush when it becomes worn or "splayed". A worn toothbrush does not clean efficiently. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, or after infectious diseases such as a cold or flu.


Share a toothbrush.

Forget to brush.

Use your toothbrush for anything except brushing your teeth.

Store your toothbrush near the toilet or sink where people wash their hands.

December 1st is Eat A Red Apple Day. Apples are nature's toothbrush!

Reminder to interested parents: Return permission slips for the school professional dental cleaning. See your school nurse, if a form is needed. If your child has been to the dentist, please return the Family Dental Report form to the school nurse.

Elementary Music Department


The holiday concerts are right around the corner. Our performances will be held in the auditorium at the Sr. High School on the following evenings:

• Monday, December 9th Pleasant View and Clearview -- dress rehearsal at 5:30, concert at 7:00pm

• Tuesday, December 10th Locust Grove and Mazie Gable -- dress rehearsal at 5:30, concert at 7:00pm

• Monday, December 16th LJM and NH-Winterstown -- dress rehearsal at 5:30, concert at 7:00pm

Students should arrive to the Old Main Gym at the Sr. High dressed in black pants and their chorus t-shirt at 5:30 for the dress rehearsal. Doors to the auditorium will open to family and friends for the 7:00 concert around 6:40. All family and friends are invited to these free concerts (donations will be accepted). Our students have been working hard and cannot wait to perform for you!

Please contact your music teacher if you have any questions.

PV/CV --- Allison O'Handly- ohandlya@rlasd.net

MG/LG --- Alisha Miller- millera@rlasd.net

LJM/NHW --- Jen Clubb- clubbj@rlasd.net

Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of school closing or an emergency, below is a list of radio/TV stations that will be notified regarding a change of schedule. In addition, Red Lion residents may visit the district web-page, www.rlasd.net, for current information. Our “Skylert” notification system will also be in effect during the school year. Please be sure to keep phone numbers and e-mails active with the school office.

WGAL – TV 8 / WMPT-FOX 43 / WHTM-TV 27

* WRVV-FM (97.3)

* BOB-FM (94.9)

* WHP-AM (580)

* KISS-FM (99.3)


* CW-TV 15

* WSBA-AM (910)

* WARM-FM (103.3)

* WSOX-FM (96.1)

* WKZF-FM (92.7)

* WTPA-FM (92.1)

* WCAT-FM (102.3)

* WQLV-FM (98.9)

Only the four stations in bold listed above will be contacted by RLASD. The stations listed below the bold stations, indicated with an *, are associated and use the same automated systems. These * stations link and will copy the bold stations’ announcements.

Kindergarten 2-hour Delay Times

A friendly reminder to the times for 1/2 day kindergarten. (Full Day Kindergarten runs the same as grades 1-6)

AM Session -- 11:00am - 12:50pm

PM Session -- 1:30pm - 3:20pm

Calendar of Events

Please visit www.rlasd.net and click on ‘Select a Campus’. Locate your school and view ‘Calendar’ on the home page for a complete calendar of events from August through June as they become available.



2 -- School Not in Session, Office Closed

3 - Good News Club

5 -- Elementary Jersey/Sweatshirt Day

Girl Scouts

School Board Meeting 7pm @ Ed Center

10 - Good News Club

11 - Family Game Night, 5:30 meal, 6 - 7 pm games

12 - Girl Scouts

19 -- School Board Meeting 7pm @ Ed Center

23 -- School Not in Session, Office Closed (Possible weather make-up day)

24 -- Christmas Eve / School Not in Session, Office Closed

25 -- Christmas Day / School Not in Session, Office Closed

26 - 31 -- School Not in Session , Office Closed


1 -- New Years Day / School Not in Session, Office Closed

2 -- Students Return to School

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