Tone in the book thief

By: Nakao De Jetley

What is the Definition of Tone and Tonal Shift

Tone- the general character or attitude of a place, piece of writing, situation, etc

Tonal Shift- A change of a situation in the character negative to positive etc

How to Identify Tonal Shift

How you would find the tone is by looking into the word choice of the character and how to find tonal shift is by seeing in what way the character has changed, changing on how the character act either from positive to negative, or negative to neutral, etc

Discussion about death

The tone of death is calm and he would act like anyone just trying to do their job and the shift would be how he perceive everything now and how he starting to get frustrated with the mourning of those who passed


" A spectacular tragic moment. A train was moving quickly. It was packed with humans. A six year old boy died in the third carriage." this quote show how death react to the death of a six year old boy he doesn't show sympathy or discourage he just neutral with the situation.