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In teaching, there is no such thing as stealing. It's all "professional borrowing'! This page is a way to share what you're doing in your classroom that works, ask questions of others, and get updates on what new and improved strategies and tools have come to our campus.

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Share what SIOP strategies you are using to support your AeLLs here!

This link can also be found in the Google Classroom (link found in the "Instructional Resources" Section below).

Using SIOP Strategies: Round 2

After you have implemented the new strategy you chose, share the results here! Include pictures and videos, if possible!

This week's featured lesson is from Ms. Delgado's PAP English I Class.

To prepare students for reading a literary non-fiction piece and a poem about Rosa Parks, Ms. Delgado designed a gallery walk that included primary documents from Parks's case. Students moved from "exhibit" to "exhibit" in small groups and discussed each document. They used dry erase markers to comment on each document. Check out the pictures that prove how thoughtful her students were!

You can check out featured lessons from previous weeks here:

Instructional Resources

NEW*** This week's Instructional Focus of the Mustang Messenger included ways to build a growth mindset in your students. Here is a student-friendly article on malleable intelligence that you can share with your students.

Check out the Google Classroom for ELPS/SIOP strategies from Wendi Hanson! (Classroom code is 11db1xl)

The Teacher Toolkit includes a number of strategies and activities that can be used as checks for understanding and formative assessments.

Here is "A List of 50+ Teaching Strategies to Jumpstart Your Teacher Brain". Let Ashton know if you have questions about, want to discuss, or would like support in implementing any of these strategies!

This video reviews how teachers from different subject areas include a variety of interactive formative assessments into their classrooms. Let Ashton know if you want to chat about how to implement some of these in your classroom.

Articles and Videos of Interest to Educators

NEW** Richard Lavoie's The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning on The Tuned-Out Child offers amazing insight on how to get through to all students. Here is a snippet from Chapter 1 in which he talks about "Myths and Misconceptions About Student Motivation".

NEW** Here's a link to the article that was featured in the Mustang Messenger on how to build a growth mindset in your students. "How Saying and Showing Kids 'I Believe In You' Can Empower Them At School"

NEW** Check out this simulation that predicts what reading is like for individuals with dyslexia.

NEW!** Steven Reinhart's article, "Never Say Anything A Kid Can Say!", goes through what he learned about helping students "engage in real learning" by "ask[ing] good questions, allow[ing] students to struggle, and plac[ing] the responsibility for learning directly on their shoulders."

Looking for ideas on how to engage your students? Check out what students had to say in "Kids Speak Out On Student Engagement".

Check out this video in which the teacher uses a method called "whole brain teaching". The levels of learning and participation in this classroom are fantastic!

In the hustle and bustle of the classroom, it's easy to overlook our students' home lives and how their experiences outside the classroom shape those within. Check out this AMAZING video for some perspective on the challenges of being an ESL student.

Looking for a resource that was previously posted here? See if it's here:

Instructional Technology

Looking for a tech tool that truly requires students to collaborate and discuss? Check out Quizlet Live! Check out the video to understand how it works, or talk to Mr. Denton in B214 about the success he's had with his students!

COMING SOON!: Using Google+ Tools

Looking for ways to allow students to work at their own pace? Need ideas for how to get students caught up on material they might have missed? Need a forum for providing students with immediate feedback? Interested in reducing grading time? We'll be offering training on how Google+ tools can do all of this and more!

Through our Day Two Instructional Technology training, we were provided with several different tools to use in our classrooms! Check out how these teachers are using them in their classrooms:

Ms. Brooks's Padlet:

Mr. Fields's Quizizz:

Mrs. Barr's Padlet:

Using a technology tool in your class that you'd like to share? Email the link to Ashton!

TIC Day 3 presented SAMR and gave you the opportunity to consider how to take technology to the next level in your classroom. Here are some SAMR visuals that can help!

Check out this article on building a "digital age learning ecosystem" in your classroom!

This is a great video that can give you some ideas about where our students are coming from as "digital natives". (Scroll down to the see the video)

Check out the Instructional Technology Team's Website for articles, tools, examples, and other resources! (The "Resources" Tab at the top is particularly useful!)

Connecting Students to the Internet:

Need help with technology? Find out who to ask here:

Questions about implementing one of these strategies in your classroom?


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