Corrie Ten Boom's Last Days

A women that changed many lives

Corrie Before Death

After the war, Ten Boom returned to The Netherlands to set up a rehabilitation center. The refugee houses consisted of concentration-camp survivors and sheltered the jobless Dutch who previously collaborated with Germans during the occupation. She returned to Germany in 1946, and traveled the world as a public speaker, appearing in more than 60 countries. She wrote many books during this time. Ten Boom told the story of her family members and theirWorld War II work in her best-selling book, The Hiding Place, which was made into aWorld Wide Pictures film in 1975, starring Jeannette Clift as Corrie and Julie Harris as Betsie. In 1977, 85-year-old Corrie moved to California. In 1978, she suffered two strokes, the first rendering her unable to speak, and the second resulting in paralysis. She died on her 91st birthday, 15 April 1983, after a third stroke.

Thanks to Corrie

Thank you so much Corrie Boom for everthing you did you cared for the Jews and risked your joyful life to save hundreds of the Jews.