life of a student athlete

By: Javier Rueda


i think of myself as a student athlete, a brother, and a son. high school for a guy is harder because you're expected to be in a sport, have straight A's, and be popular. my family thinks of me as a perfect son but im really not.i try to fit in with the expectations and so far i think im doing pretty good!

In the play twelfth night, the charecter Feiste is the fool for viola


The world sees men as lazy , the workers of the family.

Feiste is a male that


I changed allot ever since freshman rear on its own. People saw me as a kid that didn't really care about my grades and i cared more about having fun. I didn't take my sport seriously so i didn't start. But this year i have way better grades ! Almost all my classes are either A's or B's. I started every single game as the sophomore center. I even manage to workout after school everyday to try and stay in shape.

I believe that other characters in twelfth night see Feiste as..

similarities and differences

a similarity between Fool and myself is...