Kindergarten Math 2016

Showcasing great work in Kindergarten Math: a great way differentiate our program!

The goal of our 2016 training has been to provide instruction that will help our students become proficient mathematical thinkers. So, what does it look like when Kindergarten teachers use that training effectively to help create multiple opportunities to help students think, read, write and reason about mathematics?

This SMORE contains links to evidence that showcases "What good looks like" in Math that resulted from teachers who dug into the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice and enhanced and improved their daily math program.

Here are a few suggestions for how to use this resource:

1. Find the resources and examples for Number Talks and use those to consider how to improve your practice for next school year.

2. Work with another Kindergarten Teacher to divide up the slides and share with each other.

3. Use the problem solving and vocabulary resources dropbox links to plan for the 2016-17 school year.

Highlights of our training:

Click on each link below to see evidence of WHAT GOOD LOOKS LIKE from Kindergarten teachers in our preschools:

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Keep the Math momentum going! Click the link below for articles to extend your thinking this summer:

Teachers change our world! Thank you!

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