TOP NEWS of the Enclave Intruder

October 3, 3015..........Volume IV..........Praseeda Danda

Weather & Landscape report outside the wall (Wharfton)

The weather outside the wall is Humid. The air very damp and dirt filled, not able to breath through it. Very bland. No rain in a while with dead brown plant ranged around the area.

Weather & Landscape report inside the wall ( The Enclave )

The weather inside the wall is fresh. Nice and sunny, along with breathable air for your lungs. There has been an average of 1 day of rain per week, and along with that, nice plants are growing in front of most peoples yards, and around the area.

Map of the Enclave and Wharfton

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Gaia Stone

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd 3015 at 9-11pm

To the Prison inside the Enclave

Gaia Stone, is a normal teenager with two parents who loved her. She and her mother advance babies to the Enclave under 90 minutes, 3 times a month. A couple days ago her parents were sent here to the Enclave prison, where they would be executed in a week.

Gaia couldn't stand to see her parents dead, so she decided to sneak in herself with the help of a family friend who sells pastries, but refuses to reveal their identity. Gaia is around the area and is searching for her parents.

Keep your eyes out. Gaia will be wearing a red sweater top, and a red skirt. She will also have a big scar on her face, and be running around the area wearing a brown satchel. If you see her, report her to the nearest guard so we can execute her IMMEDIATELY.

- Captain Grey

Who'll get Sergeant Grey? Wharfton girl Gaia, or Rita?

Sergeant Grey is a ladies man. He has caught the attention of two girls. Gaia from outside the wall, and Rita from inside the wall. Who will he fall for? Gaia has been in contact with him by delivering the babies to his side of the post, and has made a conversation with him every time along the way. She enjoys talking to him, but does he enjoy it just as much or not? Rita however never talked to him, but eye contact is a big habit of hers. Did Sergeant Grey receive the message Rita is trying to send to him? Right now all we can do is wait and see how Sergeant Grey will respond to them both. Only time can solve this mystery.

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