The Amazing Dirty Bullfrog

BY. Jaylin Gambrell


Wow could you imagine of being in grass land and you could be in a pond and a bullfrog could jump before your eyes wow that would be fun.

In this article you will learn some cool things about the bullfrog, like it's physical features, food chain, and fun facts. Hope you enjoy.

Physical Characteristics

The Bull Frog has lots of cool features .It is black and green blob it has very fat legs .Blue or sometimes green eyes 3 toes and 3 fingers on each foot and hand. He is very short he is 8 inches they weights 1.5 but they can get up to 10 pounds.Well you may not no what a bull frog sounds like a grasshopper and a frog .It has very long legs can jump up to 3 feet tall wow that's very high it will be in places that will be camouflage from there predator or to get there pray.It can live up to 16 years old.

Food Chain

Well in the food chain the bull frog plays the secondary consumer .Because he eats the grasshopper or the cricket because he ate the grass .So next the bullfrog will get ate by his or her predator .So a bull frog is a omnivore so he eats both meat and and plants so he is not a carnivore or a herbivore .He eats insects , baby mice , fish and grass but he also is a prey to lots of animals things that eat him are mice fish baby animals and snakes i don't want to get ate by those animals.

This is my food chain

The sun gives energy to the grass,and then the cricket comes and eats the grass to get energy from the grass then the bull frog comes and eats the cricket to get energy then the snake eats the bull frog . So that's my food chain hope you like it.
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Fun Facts

These are some very fun things that you may not know about bull frog. The male will attack the female bull frog for its mating calls.A female bull frog has up to 25,000 babies. Wow, that is a lot of babies. Also, they have loud mating calls .A baby bull frog will stay a tadpole for 2 years. Some bull frogs have smooth skin and some have rough skin. But this is more crazy: they may eat their own baby eggs. Also, if they get very fat they could die from eating too much food. So that's all for fun facts. Hope you enjoy.


Now that you know about bull frogs I hope that you will write about an animal that you like. Also, how much did you know before you read this article because I hope that you liked it and learned a lot . So did you like it or not. Also a bull frog is a big dirty blob you will like to see one not in this article but at a pond or a zoo lastly I hope that you get to see a bullfrog in person too.Thanks for reading