The Government

By Jayden


Australia's federation came about through deliberation, constitution, and debate Unlike many other nations that unfiled by war and conflict , federation only came ahead with the approval of the people in a referendum (vote of the people)

Before 1901 Australia did not exist as a nation it was a collection of 6 British colonies who govern themselves but under the law making of the British parliament the countries were like 6 different countries, for example each colonies had its own law making and also had its own parliament they even had there own defense force and even collected the tax only by there colonies.

They even built they're own railways using different gauges which was a struggle to transport across Australia. By the 1800s the insufficiency of this system, a growing unity of among colonist and a belief that a national government was definitely needed to deal with issues such as trade immigration and defense saw population support for federation grow.

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Three levels of government

Australia has three levels of government

  • Federal government

  • State government
  • Local government

These levels of government keep Australia running .

If the State government have a debate with the federal government the Federal will most likely win.

Local government,

The local government are the council that you rely on to

  • Fix the roads

  • Take your rubbish
  • Look after the parks
  • Make new libraries or look after them

Every year you vote on someone to go to Canberra to vote speak up for you. If you are unhappy About something around your community you don’t just go to Canberra you tell your local member and they will speak up for you.

State government,

The state government is the government who are in you state you rely on them to

  • Make new hospitals and run ambulances
  • Build police stations or run the police

The people vote on someone to represent them in the state government.

Federal government,

The federal government do

  • Immigration
  • Marriage
  • Collect taxes
  • Trade

The people vote on either labour or government the one that has the most votes gets to be the government until the next election and their leader becomes the prim minister

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The senate

The other house of parliament is called the Senate. People from each State and the Northern territory and also the Capital territory elect 12 people to be their senators, no matter how big or small a territory is they must have the same amount of senators

The chamber the senate meet in is decorated red like the other chamber the members sit in the seats at the left of the picture and the opposition sit opposite to them The seats in the curved part are for members of small parties and independents, in the main chair in the middle the president of the senate sits.

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The house of representatives

Australia is divided up into different areas called electorates. For each electorate there is one seat in the House of Representatives. Each electorate has about the same amount of people living in it. During an election the people who live in each electorate must vote for a person to go and speak for them. Than that elected person becomes the member of the house of representatives for that seat.

Most people who stand for an election are members of different parties. The party that has the most amount of people becomes the government and their leader becomes the Prime Minister.

There is a big room called a chamber in pariament where the house of representatives meets. The chamber is decorated green the government members sit on the left and the opposition face them.

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Making laws

The main point of government is to make laws. When a law is suggested it is called a bill,

Bills are usually suggested in the House of Representatives. Fist the bill is explained and discussed changes may be applied or if so needed.

All members need to vote on the bill or against the bill, if the bill passes it goes on to the other House of parliament. Sometimes bills are sent back for changing or if it passes it then becomes an act of government and that’s when the governor general signs it and it becomes a law that all Australians must obey.

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Parliamentary Committees

Parliamentary committees are an important part of work of the parliament they investigate issues and discuss bills, so that parliament can be well informed before they make a decision

On of the roles of parliament is to make for the entire nation. However there is a limited time to debate important issues in detail .

In the parliament chamber members can vote for a committee to take on this role.

A committee is a bunch of members who can have months or even a year to discuss the bill, they also look into the topic and can make tweaks.

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