Crown Vetch

by Ben Stevens


Also known as Purple Crown Vetch. Growing 2 - 6' long stems with a reclining and trailing growth pattern. In winter and early spring crown vetch can be easily recognized as brown unsightly patches. Also has purple and white petals


Crown Vetch is a common plant that has been observed in nearly all areas of Illinois, except the NW area of the state. Habitats include moist to mesic black soil prairies, weedy meadows, banks of rivers and drainage ditches,

Problems caused by the plant

Crown vetch is a perennial legume that reproduces by the seeds and spreads rapidly.

Forms large clumps in streams.

steps being taken to control that plant

Repeated late spring mowing. Best method is to mow it several times during the year

Crown Vetch

First Spotted in Europe.

Last spotted in U.S.

Heading up to the south