5 Things to remember

brin wilson

Quizlet HW .

Quizlet is a web cite that has different vocabulary words. And if it has your vocabulary homework it has learn speller scatter and test. And when you are done you take a snap shot of your work and put it in the drop box.


The AOW is an work article and you try to find the correct answer's from the article. And they ask you different questions about the article. And you have to get them done by the 5 day due date or they are late. This is also done in class

Wordly wise.

The wordily wise paket is a practice sheet of the list of words to remember. Sometimes they have a latin meaning of the words in it. And it has to be done when the due date is up or it is late also. The wordily wise is done in class too.


The novels we read help us do a better job at visualizing ,questioning , and exeter a. Sometimes we have a discussion board that, lets us answer our questions about the book.

And sometimes it tells us important life questions.

Reading log.

The reading log ask's you questions about the book. When you read 20 minutes each night you can answer the questions. and you either have to wright 6 to 8 sentences. And it asks you what the purpose of the book is. Done by every monday.

Home work (math)

For the math homework we have problems from the things we learned so far. And do as many problems as our teacher tells us to do. Then we have to do work on every problem on the paper.

Centers. (math)

The centers that we do are done as a group and the number that we are on. And after 35 minutes or so we transition to our new center. We only do 2 centers a day. And after the next day we do 2 more of them. some of our centers have either "Ten marks" "IXL" or "buzz math".

Ten marks, Buzz math, IXl.

The "Ten marks " are done on paper with ten problems and turn it in the basket. IXL is kind of the same, you have to do 15 problems for thee ixl and then you put the work in you IXL folder. The buzz math you do on the computer and you have to answer 10 questions.