The Successful Seven who Persevered

By: Kate Sexton May 2015

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What is Perseverance

Perseverance can be defined in different ways depending on the person. My definition of perseverance is to keep going and push on even though it is hard to.

Two Men Who Never Gave Up

Jackie Robinson and Winston Churchill were two exceptional men in society who did the impossible. Robinson was one of the 1st black baseball player that stopped segregation in baseball. Winston Churchill was a British Prime MInister whose resilience made him one of the greatest leaders in the 20th century. They were both excellent leaders. Jackie became one of the voices for equality and Winston lead his army into victory and became an inspiration for all. Jackie Robinson suffered through racial harassment but stayed strong during adversity. On the other hand, Churchill had many ups and downs but always bounced back when he faltered. Both men were people who have impacted society today.


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When It All Paid Off

The main character Adeline is looked down upon because her mother died giving birth to her. Adeline is abused and is treated very poorly, though she excels in school. Adeline is in the top of her class and gets many awards. When she shows them to her parents they scold her and tell her she is bragging. After every adversity that Adeline has been through, the last thing that she wants is to be forced into marriage like her sister had. She worked as hard as she could and she finally got recognition when she won first place in a huge writing competition. Her father allowed her to go to college in Europe to become a doctor. Everything had paid off and she finally had triumph.

Cancer Couldn't Stop Her

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Failure Redefined

Tom Monaghan was the founder of Domino's pizza. He had been through many ups and downs in his career but his perseverance through adversity is what got him to where he is today. He borrowed $900 in college and bought a pizzeria. Business was booming, but sales dropped 75% after school was over, so he started over with a new partner. Later on his business partner got sick and backed out, so in result Tom had to start over again. He saved up money to go on a work vacation to visit as many pizzerias as he could. He learned about other businesses to improve his. Soon after, Tom's ex-partner declared bankruptcy and he was now $75,000 in debt! To make the situation even worse, there was a fire that almost took Domino's under. For a period of time, Tom was living in his car to save his business. In the end, Domino's became very successful.

Overcoming Adversities

We can learn a lot from the stories above. In order to overcome our own adversities in our life we have to have certain qualities. We have to be persistent, determined, strong, flexible, and positive.