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5th and 6th Grade May Newsletter

Important May Dates:

13th: Junior Olympics Finals

19th: 6th Grade Breakfast

24th: Elementary Talent Show

26th: End of 4th Quarter/ Last Day of School/Report Cards Home


5th Grade

Testing is over!

We will be spending the month of May circling back to a few units where we had to skip the lab portions due to testing time constraints. We will experiments with different properties of light and sound that we learned about prior to testing.

6th Grade

For the last month of school, 6th graders will wrap up physical science with motion graphing. We will investigate how a graph changes depending on the variables and motion of an object.

Check out a cool video one of the 6th-grade groups made during our potential and kinetic energy project presentations!



***Testing is over so 5th grade will review concepts in Chapter 10 and 11.

In Chapter 10, 5th grade students will convert like units of measure within the customary system or metric system of measure.

In Chapter 11, 5th students will use unit cubes and formulas to find volume. Relate volume to multiplication and to addition, recognizing that volume is additive. Classify two-dimensional figures based on their properties into categories.

5.M.1 5.M.3, 5.M.4, 5.M.5, 5.M.6 . 5.G.1

Big picture


***Testing is over so 6th grade will review concepts in Unit 7.

In Unit 7, 6th grade students will learn how to:

* represent numeric data graphically

*use graphical representations of numeric data to describe the center, spread, and shape of a data distribution

*summarize numeric data with numerical summaries

*interpret numeric data summarized in dot plots, histograms, and box plots

*summarize categorical data with numerical and graphical summaries,,,,

ELA 5th and 6th

5th Grade ELA

Students are finishing up their Millersport Brochures. They are learning marketing strategies by researching their businesses and formatting important information on brochures. The tech skills are strong with this 5th Grade.

Characterization in literature will be one of the skills we practice this month. We will also be strengthening the skill of formatting proper email etiquette.

6th Grade ELA

We have just finished our ancestry research by looking back through our family trees on The kids were so interested in learning about past family members. We also researched heraldic symbols and meanings to create their own family crest.

Next, we will be reading nonfiction passages and researching those who persevered through hard times in history.

Social Studies

5th Grade

The students have been exploring 3 different forms of government and will be completing a short research activity to help learn the characteristics of each form. We will be wrapping up the year with our discussion of economics. The 5th graders will spend time learning some vocabulary like supply and demand, wants vs. needs, and then working through a future budget project.

6th Grade

The 6th graders will be finishing up their elementary career in social studies with economics. This year we have a little excursion planned with the Fairfield Career Center and they will be hearing from some high school students about economics as well. We have been learning some of the vocabulary first, by using The Lorax as our guide. They will spend time learning about the factors of production, supply and demand and creating a small business plan in the classroom to round out this unit of study.