ITLS Newsletter

March 21, 2015

Happy SNOW DAY!!!!

Digital Literacy Partnership April 12

As a result of the input from your peers during our Digital Literacy Advisory meeting on Tuesday, March 22, part of the upcoming DLP meeting will be Vertical Alignment focused on research papers. The Advisory group thought it would be a good idea to evaluate student research across the grade levels. Please bring in at least one example of student work. If it is possible, please find a few examples that represent the scope of grades in your building. Make sure the work is representative of the average student in your building.

Edcamp DLP

We will have a mini Edcamp at our April 12th DLP meeting. To contribute and vote for topics, please visit our Tricider Brainstorming page before March 30!

What's an Edcamp you ask?

EdCamps are UNconference events organized by groups of educators. The professional development agenda is set the day of the event based on participants’ digital literacy and instructional technology needs and expertise.

Celebrating Read Across America

Riverdale Elementary: Every morning during announcements, a Seuss trivia question was read. During the day the students came into the library and filled out an answer slip for a drawing at the end of the day. The winners of the drawing were able to choose a new book and bookmark. Students were also able to have their picture taken in the Cat in the Hat photo booth. Ms. Watson read to the pre-school kiddos One Fish Two Fish and they were given a fish coloring sheet to design their own fish. These now decorate the library.


Although we are using the ITLS newsletter to distribute many different ideas, we have not taken those through any type of formal approval process. We have not contacted IT to determine whether the tool(s) and/or resource(s) meet their standards nor have we obtained input from district content leaders; your resources and suggestions are not "officially" part of any Adams 12 curriculum, just ideas and suggestions for your consideration.