UAV's Inspecting Boilers!

United Dynamics Corporation's Inspectors Take Flight!

UDC Using Drones to Inspect Power Plants Saving Thousands!

The newest tool in UDC's arsenal allows our inspectors to peer into the depths of boilers without taking a step inside! "United Aerobotics" is the brainchild of UDC's founder, John Cavote. This division is utilizing the latest in drone technology to perform inspections in unreachable areas during outages enabling clients to plan part replacements long before their next major. Our expert inspectors use the drones high-definition camera to perform a real-time inspection and produce detailed reports for the client.

Seeing is Believing!

With over a year of drone inspections we have compiled a highlight reel for your viewing pleasure, just send us an email! But don't stop there! Give us a call to schedule a flight at your workplace. We have inspectors on call 24/7 that will mobilize to meet your needs.